Getting Involved

Thank you for your interest in contributing to this project. It is people like you that make Roger’s Math Whiteboard a great program!

Below are just a few of the ways you can contribute. They are in order from least coding skills required to most:

  • Social Media – (Spreading the word & answering questions)
  • Networking – (Contacting schools/teachers & telling them about Roger’s Math Whiteboard)
  • Website proofreading & link checking – (Go through this website, check for spelling, & grammar issues as well as broken/missing links.)
  • Legal – (Reviewing the site, program licence & other applicable policies)
  • Templates – (Adding relevant math/science templates to the program)
  • Testing – (Testing the program on various platforms/hardware to see performance)
  • Documentation – (Documenting the code & program, how it works & what it does)
  • Help us deploy this app to more types of Linux, (such as RHEL, Raspbian, etc.)
  • Bug triage & bug fixes.
  • Code cleanup & commenting.
  • Train the current project maintainer in using github.
  • Start working on mobile apps using something like React Native or NativeScript.

If you would like to take on one of the non-coding roles feel free to contact the current project maintainer, (See link below), & ask for specific instructions.

If coding is more your thing, it would be nice to alert the current project maintainer, (See link below), just for notification purposes. Once this is done though, feel free to hop over to our github issues page & dive right in. Don’t bother waiting for a response from the project maintainer.

Also, remember that contributing to this project will earn you credit both within the program, (in the “About” dialog), and on the “About” page of this website. You are also welcome to use your work on this project on your resume if you wish.

For further details on contributing, please see our file on github. You can get there from our Github Links page.

To contact the current project maintainer, (Roger Frybarger), please go to our feedback page.

Last updated Nov 12, 2017