Here is a list of frequently asked questions related to Roger’s Math Whiteboard. Some of these answers may require you to know what operating system is running on your device. If you are not sure what operating system your device is running, open up this page on the device on which you are using Roger’s Math Whiteboard and click “Run Pen” below:

Q: How do I add the images to a zip folder?

A: Here are some links that explain how to accomplish this on Windows & Mac, Chromebooks, and Ubuntu.

Q: When I try to insert a screenshot, the window that I want shows up as a black or mostly black rectangle. What should I do?

A: This seems to be caused by a bug in Electron. We have tried this potential fix for the issue, but have not had any luck with it yet. Thus, at the moment, there is no reliable fix for the issue. However, if you are running Windows please see this animation or this slideshow for an alternative method of inserting screenshots.

Q: When I started Roger’s Math Whiteboard I received an error regarding my screen resolution. What should I do about this?

A: You should change you screen resolution to something between 800 by 600 and 1920 by 1080. Here are some links that explain how to do this on Windows 10Windows 8, 7, Vista, and XPMacChromebooks, and Ubuntu.

Q: Why are my pages out of order?

A: Roger’s Math Whiteboard will import images in exactly the same order that they are in when you select them all and open them. If they are not in the correct order when you select and open them, they will be imported out of order. To correct this, please watch this animation or go through this slideshow about changing the sort order. If you are still not able to sort the images properly, you may have to rename each individual image in such a way that the computer can correctly sort the group of images. Typically using a pattern such as 001, 002, 003… for the names of the images will work.

Q: I don’t have Microsoft PowerPoint. Can I still import PowerPoint content?

A: Sure! You can download and install LibreOffice, and follow the instructions on our Features List page for importing LibreOffice Content. If you cannot install/remove programs on your school computer, you can use LibreOffice to export the images on your personal computer and then transfer the exported images to your school computer.

Q: When I open & close a window within the program, my keyboard shortcuts stop working. Why?

A: This is a known issue. We hope to fix it in a future release. For now, you can use this work-around: 

When this happens, simply use your mouse/pen/finger to go into the settings, (the gear icon), and then just choose save. This seems to re-enable the keyboard shortcuts.

Q: I have a question that wasn’t answered here. What should I do?

A: Please go to our feedback page and submit your question.

Last updated Dec 16, 2017