Finally! An Easy Way to do Math on a Touchscreen!

***New*** If you want to try out a simplified version of Roger’s Math Whiteboard without downloading anything, our main programmer has just what you are looking for. It is called Roger’s Math Whiteboard LITE and you can check it out here.

Roger’s Math Whiteboard is a free, open-source, cross-platform, hardware independent whiteboard program designed around the needs of STEM teachers. It is designed to streamline the process of teaching math and science with a smart board, touchscreen or other similar device. It can best be understood as a multi-page image editor built for presenting/teaching use. This allows teachers to easily import a PowerPoint presentation, draw on the surface of each slide, add/remove pages if needed, and eventually save the finished product as a set of images for later use or perhaps distribution to the students. This can be useful for both presenting content in class as well as working through student questions, perhaps in a flipped-classroom setting. Here is an animation that explains a few of the key features:

Too fast? Too small? Blurry? View as slideshow instead.

At the moment, Roger’s Math Whiteboard is designed to run on all modern versions of Windows, Mac (version 10.6 and above), Chromebooks (via our older chrome app), and many Linux systems. We also have plans to expand to Android and perhaps iOS in the near future. Please check out our About page to learn how Roger’s Math Whiteboard came to be. Explore our Features List to see all of the various things that you can do with Roger’s Math Whiteboard. If you are ready to try out our program, hop on over to our Download page. We hope you enjoy Roger’s Math Whiteboard!

Last updated Sep 11, 2019